Market Research & Intelligence

Market Research & Intelligence

Make smarter decisions with insights and data

Understand your target audience better. Know your alumni. Monitor your competitive landscape. Test new programme potential. Our Media Minds Insights team offer market research, competitor tracking and market intelligence to support you at all stages of the prospect/student/alumni lifecycle and across all elements of your business school strategy.

Our research delivers actionable insights to support your strategic planning, decision-making and problem-solving.

Bespoke market research

We work closely with you to design bespoke research based on your specific brief. Let us know the issues you’re grappling with or the topics you want to explore. Popular areas our research projects have covered include:

  • Brand awareness and perceptions
  • Market opportunities
  • Programme portfolio development
  • Prospective student decision-drivers
  • Alumni engagement

Market tracking

How visible are you to prospects? Understand your Share of Voice compared to your competitors with our Organic Social Competitor Analysis Report (OSCAR), tracking and analysing social media activities and audience engagement. Use OSCAR to drive increased audience reach and more effective communication. Understand how other schools are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram organically and monitor how your own performance compares to sector benchmarks. Keep an eye on what your audiences see from other business schools so you can adapt your communications plan to ensure you stand out from the crowd and communicate with impact.

Identifying new opportunities in the mature learner market

Exploring new opportunities to serve the rapidly growing ‘mature learner’ market through wide-ranging research into mature learners, lifelong learning and future of work. Key indicators and insights synthesised into actionable recommendations for the Senior Leadership Team’s strategic portfolio review.

Market Research & Intelligence

45% of full-time MBA applicants

knew work colleagues who had already completed an MBA

Previous research studies conducted by our consultants have included:

  • Brand health review: tracking brand awareness and perceptions of a suite of MBA programs amongst prospective students in domestic and international markets
  • Market positioning study for an Asian business school assessing the market positioning, perceptions and appeal to prospective students of a highly-ranked joint-school Executive MBA
  • Market demand study to assess future Executive MBA demand and key candidate choice factors for a UK business school
  • Alumni engagement survey for a Faculty of Business to establish current levels of alumni loyalty, needs and expectations, to underpin development of a new faculty-driven alumni engagement strategy
  • Communications effectiveness audit for a Faculty of Business and Law to assess most effective channels and content to to support UG and PG recruitment and increase conversion on offers
  • Market-wide review of EdTech and curricula trends to assess current business school positioning, supported by student survey to analyse current satisfaction levels
  • Candidate choice factors in the domestic MBA market for a UK business school coupled with a review of external influences affecting domestic interest in MBA programmes
  • Employer needs assessment for an Australian law school, Investigating employers’ executive development needs across the legal and consulting professions in Asia-Pacific, to guide programme portfolio development
  • Executive Education market study for a UK business school to assess corporate buyer and individual participant needs and interest in short courses to support programme portfolio growth strategy