Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Delivering more than mere impressions

Your priorities? Raising the visibility of your school, building reputation, recruiting students, attracting corporate partners, engaging your community? Our priority? Supporting your digital marketing with the technical knowledge, higher education experience and strategic thinking to achieve these goals.

LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram. SEO. PPC. Display. Where to start? We look past cheap clicks to focus on the people you need to reach for real outcomes. We plan, create and optimise your digital campaigns to generate quality leads rather than waste your budget chasing meaningless volume and vanity metrics.

With a deep understanding of the customer journey as your prospects move from enquirer to applicant to admit, we’ll ensure your digital marketing is maximising data capture and conversions at key points in the funnel.

Digital display and programmatic advertising  

Knowing where to reach your target audience online, we’ll ensure a cost-effective digital advertising strategy which achieves the cut-through you need. Whether using display advertising for tactical purposes or programmatic for longer duration brand exposure, we’ll spend your budget effectively to achieve your goals.

Search Engine Marketing      

Chasing the top Search listing isn’t always the smartest use of your budget. Our experience enables us to improve the ROI on your PPC expenditure with a smart bid strategy. From effective keyword optimisation through to increasing landing page conversions, we’ll help you achieve better results from your digital marketing.

With 4.6 billion active social media users globally, a plethora of social platforms, and constantly changing algorithms, we develop paid social media campaigns based on the most effective channels, targeting, formats and content to reach your intended audience. Paid social campaigns work even better when integrated with strong organic social content. We can help with organic content strategy and content creation with a particular focus on postgraduate audiences.

Website management

Your website sits at the heart of your marketing.  We’ll help ensure yours works to its full potential. Our support ranges from website and tracking audits through to UX enhancements to improve results on landing pages. Most importantly, we’ll set it up so you have effective tracking functionality and insightful analytics.

Bespoke dashboards

We create customised dashboards for each client, giving you real-time data and analytics to keep an eye on how campaigns are performing.

32% increase

Integrated cross-channel domestic campaign increases MiM applications YoY


A sample of client briefs our team have delivered include:

  • Establishing conversion tracking and detailed analytics reporting to improve marketing and media campaign performance: using analysis to refine the marketing mix and optimise a limited marketing budget to achieve student recruitment targets
  • Advanced marketing analytics reviews of geographic trends at a city/ county level to identify pockets of opportunity for targeted student recruitment
  • Running and optimising an ‘always on’ year-round lead generation campaign to support monthly programme start-dates and continuous admission cycle, whilst reducing CPC and CPM
  • Social media and ad campaigns to increase attendance levels at student recruitment events and information sessions, in domestic and international markets