Identifying new opportunities in the mature learner market

Identifying new opportunities in the mature learner market

Business school based in Asia-Pacific

The brief

Our client, a business school in Asia-Pacific, were considering opportunities for new programmes and initiatives. In particular, they were keen to further explore the ‘mature market’ of professionals who want to keep actively contributing to society but who are likely to want, or need, to change career later in life and would seek educational support, guidance and networks to successfully make the transition.

The business school was very well placed to develop programmes to support a mature participant market, but any new courses or initiatives had to be relevant to business, and strategically and commercially viable for the School. To support new programme development, this client sought research insights from Media Minds on the professional development and re-skilling implications of longer careers, and the knowledge and skills requirements associated with the latest thinking on the future of work.

The solution

Media Minds conducted detailed, wide-ranging desktop and secondary research across the mature learner, lifelong learning and future of work issues and opportunities. We sourced, analysed and synthesised findings, data points, indicators and insights to address the client’s specific brief.

This market exploration also provided supporting input to the practical and delivery issues which underpin successful implementation, including the optimum delivery mode to open access to regional participants.

The results

Results of this research helped the business school assess market viability and develop a clear proposition to leverage this opportunity and meet market needs. Input and consolidated recommendations were prepared for the Senior Leadership Team.

Opportunities were identified which leveraged the school’s strengths and expertise, particularly in entrepreneurship. Local and international examples of innovative approaches and good practice in the mature learner market were also included in the final report.