Reviewing marketing operations to improve consistency and alignment cross-university

Reviewing marketing operations to improve consistency and alignment cross-university

Private European university

The brief

A small private European/American University was seeking to increase the number of degree-seeking students enrolled whilst improving student quality and diversity in cohorts. Given global competition, it also needed to be better known in target markets for its programmes, in particular in Business, Communications, Political Science and International Affairs.

As a result of recent growth, inefficiencies and duplication in marketing operations had arisen across the university. This in turn led to inconsistent brand messaging and communications, potentially weakening the university’s ability to market and communicate effectively to raise its visibility.

Our client sought a ‘helicopter’  independent audit of brand communications and marketing operations to improve the effectiveness of all brand communications and marketing processes  and drive a more consistent approach across the whole university.

The solution

We worked closely with the client to conduct an audit, reviewing marketing processes, structure and brand communications. Carrying out a wide range of internal interviews with all key stakeholders, we consolidated their perspectives on context, current brand attributes and positioning, and existing marketing processes/ operations. A thorough review of all advertising and marketing materials and external communications across the past 2 years was done to identify where inconsistencies and duplication were arising.

A competitive landscape analysis was also used to review key competitors’ marketing messages/ propositions and brand visibility.

The results

Findings were consolidated and recommendations developed to drive more efficient marketing operations and improved brand consistency. A suggested approach to address the internal cultural change needed to support a more unified approach to external communications was included.

Following endorsement of the recommendations by the client project managers, findings and key observations were discussed with the President and the report presented to the senior leadership team to agree an implementation plan.