Improving effectiveness of alumni communications

Improving effectiveness of alumni communications

UK Business School

The brief

Our client, a leading UK-based business school had a well-developed strategy to build and strengthen lifelong relationships with their global alumni community, with clear goals of increased volunteer and philanthropic support to the school.

Given the impact of the pandemic on the school and upcoming fundraising priorities, the school was keen to improve communications with alumni to strengthen community bonds and loyalty, and to generate higher levels of support to the school.

The Alumni Relations and Marketing teams wished to review their multi-channel communications plan and balance activities across email and social channels through  more effective use of social media.

The solution

Media Minds conducted a thorough audit of Alumni Relations’ communications with alumni on social platforms, including analysis of engagement levels. We also reviewed how the school’s communications were currently performing against industry benchmarks (specifically business school alumni relations), conducting interviews with key staff at a range of peer schools and drawing upon examples of good alumni social communications practice by peer schools.

Recommendations were developed on how social media could be more effectively used to achieve alumni engagement goals, addressing the choice of social channels to be used, the balance of school-specific vs alumni-specific content, content planning guidelines and communications style and tone recommendations.

The results

Recommendations from this work have been incorporated into the school’s alumni communications strategy.

Results were presented to key staff in the team and best practice guidelines for alumni communications on LinkedIn shared.