Accreditation: Leadership Team workshop to align strategic plan and Vision

Accreditation: Leadership Team workshop to align strategic plan and Vision

UK Business School

The brief

Under new business school leadership, our client had progressed extensive work on a new agenda to drive change and implement specific initiatives to support its first AACSB accreditation submission. The Dean identified a need to unite the senior leadership team to focus on work carried out so far on refreshing the School’s Vision and Mission statements, and to identify and align the future work required to effectively implement this Vision and Mission.

The solution

Media Minds developed a workshop approach with the Deputy Dean leading the accreditation process. We facilitated a strategy mapping exercise to support the AACSB accreditation process as an independent ‘critical friend’. A background briefing and review of existing strategy documents and plans enabled us to facilitate a group session with the leadership team to ensure the School’s Vision and Mission could be clearly evidenced with expected outcomes, strategies to achieve those outcomes, responsibilities and key dates for delivery in accordance with AACSB accreditation criteria and assessment processes.

The results

The workshop enabled the team to successfully refresh the Vision and Mission and agree aligned strategic plans. The workshop was a key step to support the internal culture change required to achieve ‘world-leading applied University’ status and inspire academic and professional staff and strengthen their commitment to working as part of the school team to achieve the Vision. The school successfully achieved AACSB accreditation.