Advertising and marketing have changed over the last decade.
So have we.

When Media Minds was founded over 10 years ago, most of our work was securing clients a great deal for their media buying. Finding the right publications, the right placement, the right timing to get the right result. And in those days, that meant knowing print publications, out of home channels, broadcast TV and radio. So we built our team to include specialists who had worked both sides– for agencies, and for the actual media channels.

Then digital marketing really took off, offering an entirely new landscape of options, using new technologies, needing a new set of skills. So we developed too. We added to our knowledge, our toolkit, our team and our services as Media Minds grew. Alongside our experience in traditional media, we’ve built expertise in digital marketing, whether that’s display advertising, search, social or website management – or anything in-between.

And whilst digital channels enable us to readily analyse a lot of data to improve results, we have never lost sight of one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing: your campaigns are reaching out to people. Understanding your customers’ needs, behaviours and preferences is critical. We’re data-driven, but it’s never just about maximising click-throughs. We offer research and consulting to develop deeper insights into your prospective customers to support your marketing strategy – or contribute to your wider business strategy.

But we didn’t stop there. You trust us to know our business as a marketing services agency – but we do an even better job when we know yours.

So we continue to build the agency to add to our specialist industry knowledge. After all, you don’t really want to waste time teaching your agency how your sector works, explaining how your customers decide or translating industry terminology. So we have a team with extensive knowledge of graduate management education – based on experience working in business schools as well as in agencies. And another specialist team for travel and lifestyle products. When we say we speak your language, we really do.

But some things haven’t changed.

  • Our unwavering commitment to finding you the best channels to reach your audience: the right placement, at the right time, for the right price– because you still need the right results
  • Our constant focus on understanding your market and your prospective customers to help you compete successfully
  • Our skill at optimising activities, so we don’t waste your budget on those which aren’t yielding results
  • Our collaborative approach to working with you to achieve your business goals
  • Our specialist knowledge of the Education, Travel and Lifestyle sectors

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